Elite Beat Agents:

Pokemon Tabletop campaign where a group of friends try to make it to become Gym Leaders.

For a town to have a gym, it must have a prominent name (good attraction or home of a famously strong trainer) and voted for in the election.
There are more than eight badges in a region but only eight are necessary to face the Elite Four/be considered an Adventured Trainer.
To become a Gym Leader, you must be the strongest trainer in your town or voted in.
To become an Elite Four, you must be a gym leader, have defeated the Elite Four in battle, and be voted into the tournament.
Collecting eight badges is a good way to boost your standings in the polls. Then you must choose your level restrictions and gym type. Your goal as a gym leader is not to always win but to teach and be a barrier for non-skilled trainers.
A Roaming Leader is a gym leader who leaves their town. A proxy leader is assigned to fight in their stead and the Roaming Leader must give gym battles when fought on the road, requiring their gym pokemon to be on them at all times. For lower level gyms, this means two to three low level pokemon must be always be on their person. For higher levels, this could mean their entire team is their gym’s team.